About Us

The Story of Swig & Sport

We’ve been to our fair share of pubs, distilleries, wineries, and meaderies. Amidst enjoying drinks, laughs and “spirited” conversations (pun intended) at these venues, we noticed that there was always one common thread in all of these moments–the love for high-quality drinks and our communities. We noticed many companies were sharing discount opportunities for local craft breweries using coupon books. While it’s a great initiative, we thought that there was something missing and more could be done for enthusiasts of delicious brews and spirits. Thus, Swig & Sport was born! 

How Swig & Sport Works

When you become a member of Swig & Sport you receive access to the seemingly endless number of deals and coupons at our participating partner breweries, distilleries, winery and meaderies across the country for only $120 for a year or $12 per month

And the best part is, all offers renew at the beginning of the month so you can redeem them over and over again!

You’ll smile a little wider knowing that you’re saving on your favorite drinks while spending time with loved ones AND supporting charities that are making your city or state a better place to live. 

Furthermore, Swig & Sport partners get to grow their businesses and serve their community all thanks to those irresistible drink deals!

We don’t technically have a mantra, but if we did, it would be “Have Fun, Do Good”.

Rinse and Repeat!!  

~ Cheers