About Us

Swig & Sport builds a community for our members who are enthusiasts for craft brews, spirits, and the sports arena.   

After visiting and enjoying several pubs, distilleries, wineries and meaderies, there was always one common interest - the love for quality drinks and the talk of sport.  We noticed many companies were sharing discount opportunities for the local craft breweries using coupon books, but it was lacking love and support for the other great establishments.  We decided to change that! 

When you become a member of Swig & Sport you will receive access to all our participating partners in the Craft Brew, Distillery, Winery and Meaderies for $12/month. 

On the “Swig side” members enjoy FREE craft beers, spirits, and wine each month.  (Stay tuned--Wineries & Meaderies will be joining us soon) 

On the “Sport side” members receive discounts, at sport companies and events across Colorado.

Swig & Sport creates discounted experiences to enjoy with your family and friends, while building a community of people that enjoy similar interests through meet-ups, gear swaps and festivities.

We go above and beyond to bring as much value to our local businesses through having members walk through their doors and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Taste, enjoy, laugh, make memories, and support! 

Rinse and Repeat!!  

~ Cheers